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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Quote - Questions

"Questions don't have to make sense, Vincent," said Miss Susan. "But answers do."
-- Terry Pratchet, Thief of Time

Reality TV?

I watched the first episode of Reno 911 last night. I'm not a fan of police reality shows and this comedy spoof was terrible. I'm not sure if it was terrible is a good way or a bad way.


I have a new flatmate moving in on Saturday. As one leaves the next moves in so that it good. Ashley told me that Advertising in Monday's paper can be more effective than advertising in Saturday's paper. I had two calls on Saturday and four on Monday. The theory goes that because there are so many advertisers on Saturday that flat hunters can only see so many. On Monday those flat hunters who failed to secure a place are going to be still looking and so I ended up with more callers.

Monday, June 28, 2004

News, or Press Release?

In The New Zealand Herald today we get an example of investigative journalism.

Auckland downtown supermarket opens.

A press release from Progressive Enterprises (owner of Foodtown) wouldn't have included the human interest bits, and would have omitted the most important news, the news that warranted the photograph, that Carlos Spencer, an All Black, owns a coffee shop in the same building.

Quote - Universal Human Rights

Where, after all, do Universal Human Rights begin?

In small places - close to home. So close and so small that they cannot be seen on any map of the world.

-- Eleanor Roosevelt, 1954

Britney 2.0

Can someone explain to me again why New Zealand is going for second class gay marriage (also available for straights)?

Defending traditional marriage: Britney 2.0
Britney Spears is at it again. While thousands of Gay couples are being denied the right to marry because it supposedly would tear the very fabric of traditional marriage into worthless bits of taffeta, Britney is ready to step up to the alter for the second time -- the first having lasted just 55 hours.

Britney is engaged to marry Kevin Federline, her back up dancer -- who apparently was also a dancer in Justin Timberlake's troupe. Kevin has a 2 year old child with actress Shar Jackson, and they are expecting their second child together in July.

That's right. Kevin is engaged and reportedly living with Britney, while his ex, Shar Jackson, is due with their second child in July.

I'm officially bored over all the complaints that traditional marriage must be defended from the likes of Gay men and Lesbians, who want only to affirm their relationships with the same rights, priviledges and protections that -- Brittney and Kevin will soon have together.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Leather and Lace

All you ever wanted to know, and more, about tying shoe laces.
Just over 21 years ago, I invented a symmetrical way of tying my shoelaces that turned out to be super-fast as well. I named this technique the Ian Knot, boldly but confidently dubbing it the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot, and have been sharing it with the world in a variety of ways ever since. The tremendous feedback from site visitors since first adding a single "Ian Knot" page to my web site back in May 2000 has seen that page expand to become Ian's Shoelace Site.

Zombies in the power plant

Straight Dope answers When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails?
After watching Dawn of the Dead, I am left to wonder about one thing: If we were to suffer an apocalypse where most of the living became flesh-eating zombies, how long, assuming I survived, would I continue to receive hydroelectricity from my power company? Is it a mean-time-before-failure situation, or would the system automatically shut itself down after a few days? (I am assuming that most of the people who were supposed to be maintaining things at my hydro company would be out looking for brains, and that the surviving hydro employees would be busy digging shelters, etc.) Also, what's the outlook like for people whose chunk of the power grid is supplied by coal, nuclear, and other types of energy? Just wondering how many solar panels I should be putting on my roof!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Queer Marriage

My Big Fat Funky Queer Marriage by Richard Goldstein
The visionary potential of any minority depends in no small part on its persecution. When that burden is lifted, banality is a real possibility. But marriage doesn't create this condition. Nor will it turn us into Stepford spouses. If gays see normalcy as a prospect, it's because the norm is expanding to include us. And, yes, the meaning of marriage is changing.

Changing face of media

I do like Calvin and Hobbes.

This strip is from 11 years ago and is still very relevant. It shows what I don't like about the news media of today.

Click on the frame to get the full strip.

I an rss feed from wxinfo.net and bloglines to get regular updates to the strip.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

You weren't using that, were you?

Updates to Miranda Warnings and the US Constitution on You weren't using that, were you? It includes a call for UN observers to oversee the upcoming election.

Quote - Extremes

It seems the extremes of both the left and the right are united in their need to express a daily dose of hate and vitriol.
-- Stephen H. Miller

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


From The Bastard Operator From Hell

'You know, falsifying a glowing reference for a chunk of human deadwood so they get a better job and leave the company.'

'Are you sure that's... uh... entirely... ethical?' the Boss asks.

'Yeah, course it is,' I say, hanging up.


'If a prospective employer is stupid enough to believe the current employer when they're poaching staff they deserve everything they get.'



A lot of questions are answered by this site!


You see the would in Red, Green, and BlueTo you, the world is logical. Everything happens for a reason, life is scientific. You like to find solutions. I doubt you needed to take this quiz in order to realize this.

Quizilla: What color do you see the world in?

Via De-Generation X

Who is that masked man

This isn't me.

Flatmate wanted

I'm in the market for a new flatmate. My current one has had an offer he can't refuse and will be moving out July 4. (No, I'm not kicking him out, he's too good a flatmate.)

If you know anyone looking for a flat in Auckland direct them to me, or to my ad. I need to add some photos.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Surviving the end of the world

cunningCunning. Through use of many of life's faculties, you've managed to suceed greatly. It may not seem so to many, but isn't the the point most times? It's only a matter of knowing more then the others, right? I'm scared of people like you, but in the same time, admire the ability to see more then just the big picture; you see yourself in it every time. You survived the end by knowing who to knock down so you got that last spot in the bunker... nicely done.

Quizilla: How would you survive the end of the world?

Via Tam I Am: Meme's Aplenty

Inventions from Science Fiction Books and Movies

Technovelgy is a website dedicated to the real-life realisation of technologies imagined in sci-fi.

Via Holycola.

Dig the groove man

Janice jpegYou are Janice.

You dig the groove man, nothing can bum you out. Too bad you're too stoned to notice.

INSTRUMENT: Like, you know, guitar, fer sure.

LAST BOOK READ: "Finding Your Past Lives on the Web"

FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Fer sure, like, fer sure."

FAVORITE THINGS: Peace, love and, like, granola, totally.


Quizilla: What Muppet are you?

Via Sex, Boys, Literature, and Bitchy Comments.

Party over

I survived my party on Saturday. Thank you to those who attended. I now have a punching bag to express my feelings, another critter to go with those I already had, some wind-up goldfish, a puzzle, a couple of books, wine (of course), and a few other things. I'm just a big kid.

The cleanup on Sunday wasn't too ardous, thanks to David's help. The next party that I expect to have will be the one where I get everyone to hang my Christmas tree decorations, a tradition in the making. (I've done it twice now.)

Thursday, June 17, 2004

No more Harry Potter books

J.K. Rowling is ending the Harry Potter Series after discovering boys.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I get to feel old. I'll be celebrating on Saturday.

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.
-- Lucille Ball

Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.
-- Herbert Asquith

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.
-- Larry Lorenzoni

To think, when one is no longer young, when one is not yet old, that one is no longer young, that one is not yet old, that is perhaps something.
-- Samuel Beckett

We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it.
-- Unknown

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
-- Chili Davis

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Quote - Doing a job

People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did it.
-- Howard Newton

Monday, June 14, 2004

IE and Stylesheets

I played with the stylesheets and heading of my website on the weekend. It looks fine using Firefox but IE displays it in a mess.

Quote - Reality

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
-- Albert Einstein

Thursday, June 10, 2004

King Charles III and Queen Camilla as the Sovereigns of New Zealand

Put me down for New Zealand becoming a republic on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Archangel Rafael

Rafael. You're most like the ArchAngel of Healing.
You want people to shape up, and you nag. But you mean well, and you're well loved despite it. Or because of it. You bring the donuts even as you tell people to eat more veggies.

Which ArchAngel are you most like? (Quizilla)

Via [v-hold] v.2.0

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Gmail Invite

I have a gmail invite available. Let me know if you want it.

Quote - Any Fool

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.
-- Henry David Thoreau

A lunatic in the asylum

When is the National Party going to get an IT spokeman who understands technology?

Willamson calls for ID debate.
Mr Williamson says he understands the reluctance of the Government to canvas the public. "I'm not going to propose a national ID, because the moment you start talking about it lunatics go wild in the asylum."

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Inner Sexy Cartoon Chick

You're Jessica Rabbit!Jessica Rabbit.
You're sensual and slightly dangereous. But deep down you have a heart of gold. After all, you're not bad, you're just drawn that way.

Who 's Your Inner Sexy Cartoon Chick?
Brought to you by Quizilla

Via Memes of Tam I Am.

You slipped into my life as easily as vermouth into a glass of gin

Last night was the final movie of this year's Out Takes film festival. Die, Mommie, Die!
The films of Miss Crawford, Miss Davis, Miss Turner, and both Miss Francis's (Kay AND Connie) are spoofed here to hysterical perfection. The "suffering in mink" school of over the top womens pictures were slightly unbelievable even in the fifties and sixties; but many a major female star soldered through them with her chin held high (you photograph younger that way, darling!). As in the inspiration films, the leading lady, Angela Arden here, is impeccably (if theatrically)gowned and coiffed for every occasion. The rest of the production values are delightfully uneven. Purposfully- Miss Arden is, of course, continuously backlit.

I didn't need to be fully aware of all the in jokes based on the films of the 50s and 60s to enjoy the film. You can buy it for me from Amazon, NZ DVD players are multizone.

Is there an increase in men playing a drag role straight?

Top bishop's vision - a world without jews gays

There are a few responses to the Weekend Herald article Top bishop's vision - a world without gays.

Readers respond, some in agreement, some in opposition. More comments on usenet.

Archbishop's gay comments threat to young in INL and in the Herald
The head of a Maori sexuality research project at Auckland University, Clive Aspin, said yesterday that struggles in coming to terms with sexuality were a significant factor in a high suicide rate among young men.

I don't understand how the Anglican church in New Zealand can choose someone who's views will marginilise the church even more. We are not a very religious country and this guy is not promoting his cause very well.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Eating Out

Eating Out was last nights Out Takes movie for me and the first one this season that I would like to own on DVD. While a film like Goldfish Memory is of a higher standard a film line Eating Out encourages you to watch it again just for the campy lines.
Caleb is a hunky poli-sci major with an affection for aggressive girls. Gwen is an aggressive girl who falls for gay acting boys. It's a match made in therapy.

In a plan hatched by his crafty gay roommate Kyle, Caleb finds himself pretending to be gay to woo Gwen, but their scheme is thwarted when Gwen decides that Caleb would be the perfect catch for her own gay roommate, Marcóthe object of Kyleís affection.

Caleb is faced with a confusing proposition. Gwen wonders if she'll ever find a straight guy. Marc can't tell why the new guy is so hot and cold. And Kyle watches the two loves of his life leave him behind.

Out Takes has organised an extra screening of this movie on June 9, due to sales, and considering the theatre was packed I agree with their decision. I may even go and watch it again.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Not Forgotten, unfortunately

Last night, as part of the Out Takes film festival I saw Gone, But Not Forgotten at the Academy cinema. This was low budget and I hope future productions will be better as the premise for this film was good.
Gone, But Not Forgotten tells the story of Drew Parker, a small town forest ranger, who rescues a man during a storm in the mountains. The man, suffering from amnesia, remembers only his name: Mark. The only clues to Mark's past are snippets of nightmares that slowly unfold the events of that fateful day. As recovers his identity, he falls in love with Drew. The two are forced to deal with Mark's past when it comes to reclaim him.

"As he remembers who he was, he discovers who he is, and who he really loves."

Unfortunately the characters did not have the chemistry the roles needed, the dialogue, at times, was similar to that of an early soap opera. (Quiet country hospital scenes do that to me.) I do not understand why Out Takes scheduled two showings for this film.

As this was a low budget film I can hope that there is enough promise to allow a bigger budget for future films from these people.

Wild Animus

I received an advance reading copy of Wild Animus by Rich Shapero yesterday. Book Crossing had a promotion where anyone could request a free copy. The book will be available in October.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Writing Voice

I need to spend time learning this.

5 Tips For Developing Your Writing Voice
  1. Write honestly, from the heart

  2. When you write from your feelings, your voice will be automatic. Of course, youíll have to rewrite and edit, but allow your honest feelings to surface and show.

  3. Write as if you were writing or talking to a friend

  4. When youíre writing or talking with a friend, the honesty and passion show up. So does the clarity. Clarity, even simplicity, expressed through you will make your writing sing - in your voice.

  5. Picture your reader

  6. Every time you write, youíre writing for a particular audience. Think how you would address one reader in that group as if they were a friend. Write for that person.

  7. Read widely

  8. Read all sorts of things. Get out of your field and read something youíre not inclined to read. Notice the voice. Can you see yourself writing that way? If not, why not? The answers donít matter; the key here is just to become aware of voice.

  9. Experiment

  10. Break out of your comfort zone. If you always write articles, try a short story, or part of one. If you write mostly for high-end travel magazines, try something for children. The goal here isnít to break into a new market, although that may happen, itís to play and experiment and stretch your boundaries. You can even do this with a sentence or two as an exercise.

Marvel Directory

Go to the Marvel Directory for all your Marvel superhero needs. From the Abomination to Zzzax. It has Groups and Teams, and Alien Races, all in the format of the comic book series The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

Via Blog Fu.

No bridges

Ted L has a collection of Photos you can't take in NYC anymore.

Via PhotoDude's Arbitrary Secondaries

404 page not found

Mamselle has a cute 404 page not found.

Via The Shifted Librarian

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Living with Liberace

Some people have trouble with flatmates. A few years ago I had to ask my then flatmate to leave, but it was nothing like Living with Liberace.


Textual Deviant talks (raves) about gayest thing she has ever heard.

Hollywood Science

Movie Mistakes has now got several mistakes on The Day After Tomorrow. Perhaps movies like this should be drinking games, where you have to drink everytime a character says a scientific word, or when a character disagrees with the scientist/hero.

Do YOU have a drinking problem?

Do you want one?

Via Kiwi Pete

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Blue rose?

Not in NZ. The GE-Free crowd will oppose this, worrying what else the gene may get into. They'll worry that gardeners may cach this gene and end up with blue thumbs. They are unlikely to understand where the gene originates from.

Warning Label

Shadowfoot may actually be a spider-human hybrid

From Go-Quiz.com

Via V-Hold

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