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Webstock 2010 - Highlights from my notes - Day 1

Categories: Announcements
Day 1 of Webstock - Thursday 18 Feb. I saw the following presentations: Opening Web Design that Grabs People Brian does the Andrew Sisters Designing for Diversity Building The Open Web Security-Centered Design Fostering Personal Connection to Place… more »
By Brian Logan   Tue 23-Feb-2010 1 comment »

Webstock '09 - What I learnt

Categories: Announcements, Day to day
What a week it's been at Webstock. I learnt a lot and I'll try to distil it here. Webstock Workshops Presentation Aikido, with Damian Conway, taught me to be competent, passionate, entertaining, prepared, stylish, interactive, and to be myself when… more »
By Brian Logan   Sun 22-Feb-2009