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Agile Business Analysis Presentation

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This evening I went to an hour-long presentation on Agile Business Analysis by Ellen Gottesdiener
at the Intercontinental Hotel.

I was eager to go to this as she is well-spoken of, and I have her book, The Software Requirements Memory Jogger on my desk.


Learn the realities and debunk the myths of how requirements are defined and delivered in short, time-boxed iterations on agile projects, and how just-in-time or just-before analysis is used to elaborate requirements.

Requirements expert and agile coach, Ellen Gottesdiener explains the essential role analysis plays in envisioning and scoping the product, planning releases and iterations, and the skills, knowledge and aptitudes of successful agile business analysts.

In this presentation, Ellen will:

  • Identify seven agile business analysis actualities - how analysis really works on agile projects.
  • Name the three levels of planning workshops needed by agile teams on large, complex products which require analysis skills.
  • Describe the tactical and strategic activities of agile business analysis.

I found the presentation very informative and would have enjoyed it more if more time had been available.

The 7 points were:

  1. Customers participate, continuously
  2. Requirements just in time
  3. Analysis plays in rhythm
  4. Needs are continually reprioritised
  5. Verification and validation
  6. Work ahead (in analysis work)
  7. YAGNI requirements document

Ellen also talked about the different views used for planning: The now-view (iteration), the pre-view (release), and the big-view (product); and that all needed to be kept in mind to build the right product.

By Brian Logan   Thu 26-Mar-2009

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Comment from: Mike Riversdale [Visitor]
Mike Riversdale

Thanks again for that.

Love the “YAGNI requirements document", that is cool as - love it

Fri 27-Mar-2009 @ 09:56

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