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How something appears is a matter of perspective. more »
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Other Roads to Explore

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I've always enjoyed Robert Frost's poem The Road Not Taken. My career has always been the well-travelled road. I now have the opportunity to explore other paths. What paths do you think I should explore? more »
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Ideal Job

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By Brian Logan Permalink Wed 29-May-2013

Coffee Revolutionised the World

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I like coffee. This infographic shows the history of coffee. more »
By Brian Logan Permalink Tue 22-May-2012

Five around the web #14

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1. Article/Post How to Get Motivated Again When You’ve Lost Your Enthusiasm Have you ever felt totally filled with enthusiasm, fired up for achieving something new? Chances are, you felt that way at the start of a big project. Perhaps you were dete… more »
By Brian Logan Permalink Tue 23-Aug-2011

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