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More Copywrong

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This is of concern. How will it affect us here? Already we are at rick of having laptops and ipods confiscated when entering US because some border patrol guard decided you may have (that's 'may', not did), infringed copyright.

Is this how the record labels will retain their business; make us buy our music again and again?

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By Brian Logan   Sat 28-Mar-2009

Maybe-No People

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Does maybe mean no?

To some people it does. To others it doesn't. Like the scientists turning on the Large Hadron Collider, the chance that something could happen makes me uncomfortable to state things in absolute terms.

When I say yes, I will do my best to try to achieve the outcome. If I don't succeed, I feel bad about it. Really bad. I may have given up guilt but failing to keep my word is something I feel guilty about.

When I say maybe, I mean maybe. It's not a yes; it's not a no. It's a maybe, with a preference for yes. I need more information before I can decide. Whether it ends up as a yes or a no depends on the other information.

When I say no, I've decided that it's not a good thing to do, or not possible. I'm still open to persuasion, but I'd like more information or a logical argument.

Some people use yes to indicate they'd like the outcome, but are not necessarily passionate about it. These people say maybe to mean no, are trying to present rejection in a polite way. They would like the issue dropped. The use of no is harsh and confrontational. Maybe-No people respond with Okay when they mean, "I'll put up with this once, but don't expect me to do so again.

It takes me a while before I learn that someone is a Maybe-No person, and until that point confusion and hurt feelings can occur. I'm learning to say, "I'd like that" instead of "maybe, but I need to be sure other things aren't already planned for that time" to something that sounds good. I'm learning that okay is not to be used for, "it was acceptable and I'm happy to have it again."

I realise the English language evolves, despite the wishes of some. I don't expect Maybe-No people to change. I'll still experience disappointment from someone who says yes but ends up with, "I didn't bother, but thought you wouldn't really mind." Such is life.

Note: Not to be confused with Maybeso, a minor character appearing in Alan Dean Foster' Flinx series, which I highly recommend.

By Brian Logan   Mon 19-Jan-2009 1 comment »

Site Crawlers

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If spammers are going to crawl my site for email addresses, then send me an email promoting their skills to improve my site visibility, then I'll add their email for them to email themselves in future. presence
Dear Gaygeekdinner

Your website looks like it would get a lot more visibility and traffic on
the search engines if it is easier to locate. With your permission, for
no cost to you we will analyze your site and your web placement
and show you how a few small changes could make the difference.
Email us now at for your free analysis
with no strings.

Courtney Ham
Key Media

If they had read it, they would have seen better contact details, and as I get on the front page of Google searches, I don't need their services.

By Brian Logan   Thu 05-Jun-2008

Tax cuts

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Labour is promising tax cuts over the next few years. I wonder how I will see them?

  • As an increase in Working For Families?
  • As further bonuses to student loan repayments?
  • Increased funds into Kiwisaver?
  • A decrease in tax paid while on parental leave?
  • A drop in the lowest tax bracket, countered by raising the tax take from the "Rich pricks"?
  • An across the board "chewing gum" reduction in tax?
  • Spray paint to be GST exempt?

I won't hold my breath.

By Brian Logan   Thu 07-Feb-2008 Leave a comment »

Insurance Online

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What is it with all the insurance referral spam? I'm getting about half-a-dozen or more each day, all leading to tidy insurance sites, travel, home, and car, and possibly more. I delete them, not that I have public links of recent referrers for them to get extra credit with Google.

My suggestion is that if you are in the insurance market, go with one of the big companies, or a friend's recommendation.

By Brian Logan   Fri 23-Feb-2007