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Busy with life

Information overload is like drinking from a firehose

I'm still around, just busy with life and not getting time to blog. I'm trying to do many things at once and think I may be approaching information overload. I'm an info junkie and currently trying to be aware of:

  • Pluto's planetary status
  • The Overlander
  • New US season television

    • Eureka
    • The 4400
    • Three Moons Over Milford
    • Prison Break
    • Kyle XY (need to check out still
    • The Amazing Race Sep 17
    • Jericho Sep 20
    • Desperate Housewives Sep 24
    • Heroes Sep 25
    • Smallville Sep 28
    • Lost Oct 04
    • The Nine Oct 04
    • Prison Break
    • Weeds
    • Treasure Hunters (finished, wasn't very good)
  • Movies on the big screen
  • Watching the old Farscape
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Books to read
  • Podcasts to listen to
  • Blogs to read
  • Sites to check out
  • Tech to be aware of
  • Local and world events to be aware of

Seeing someone special.

Currently looking for a flatmate, so if you know me personally and can recommend someone...

By Brian Logan   Fri 25-Aug-2006

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