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Cool Critique – FlairBuilder

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FlairBuilder is a tool for quickly creating high-fidelity interactive wireframes. It doesn't compete with Balsamiq Mockups, FlairBuilder's use occurs later in the product design lifecycle. After the basic interaction has been performed, FlairBuilder allows the designer to produce work with a pixel perfect mockup of the proposed product. All this can occur without the need for developer and their expertise.

I've been dabbling with FlairBuilder for a few days, but without a suitable project I haven't been able to test it in anger. This does limit the value of my review.

I like the feel of this application, it's a cool product. It offers a highly interactive wireframe experience, limited by my imagination. If I worked for a design company this would be on the list of tools I'd use to suggest ideas to clients, either websites or desktop applications. It allows a "wow" factor to a client presentation.

In my current role I have access to the internal developers and I'd tend to have them start working on a web application based of low-fidelity sketches, and tweak it as it goes along.

Tags: mockups
By Brian Logan   Sat 02-May-2009

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Comment from: Cristian Pascu [Visitor]  
Cristian Pascu


Thanks so much for the review! I am glad that you liked FlairBuilder. This surely gives me the confidence that it may become a very useful application. That’s the main purpose that’s driving FlairBuilder development.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the application, don’t hesitate to let me know!


Thu 07-May-2009 @ 20:28

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