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Five Around the Web #10

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Common Networking Mistakes

Do Your Homework

Don't arrive at a networking event without a plan of attack.

First, find out which person or organization is sponsoring the event. Next, see if there will be speakers, presenters or any special guests in attendance. Last, make a list of people you expect to be there and want to meet.

Do a little research on each of them. A little knowledge goes a long way. If you know something about the people you approach, it's much easier to start a conversation -- and keep it going.

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"If you feel tempted to use a picture of two hands shaking in front of a globe, put the pencil down, step away from the desk, and think about taking a vacation or investigating aromatherapy." -- Nancy Duarte

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Five Ways to Boost Your Work Performance - Outside the Office

[...] chances are, you want to do well in your job. [...] You’re doing all the right things during the workday. But, are there actions you could be taking outside work in order to boost your performance?

  1. Take a Public Speaking Course
  2. Attend Meetings of a Professional Organization
  3. Spend Time Improving Your Skills
  4. Spend Time Improving Your Skills
  5. Take a Look at Your Appearance

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This folding plug is such a cool design.

By Brian Logan   Tue 07-Jul-2009

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