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Five Around the Web #12

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The Definitive Guide to Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s face it: most of us fail when it comes to sticking to resolutions — so much so that many people swear never to make resolutions again.

And yet the rest of us are eternally hopeful when the New Year comes around, believing without any credible evidence that we can improve our lives, that change is possible, that we’re not going to be stuck in the same old rut again this year.

I’m here to tell you that you can do it. It’s possible. I’ll show you how.

The Problem with Most Resolutions
While I love the optimism of New Year’s Resolutions, unfortunately, the enthusiasm and hope often fades within weeks, and our efforts at self improvement come to a whimpering end.

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"What I love about the time between Christmas and New Year is sometimes I can't work out what day it is." -- SamNZed on Twitter

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7 Tips for Taking Travel Photos Like a Pro

Travel photography seems so simple. What could be easier than traveling to an exotic location in a beautiful country with a camera and a handful of memory cards and taking some amazing photos? But, when you arrive at your location, you find that it's a lot harder to take a decent travel photo than it looks.

  1. Use bright colors
  2. Use late afternoon light
  3. Look for a different take on local landmarks
  4. Search for detail
  5. Get off the beaten track
  6. Use a polarizing filter
  7. Take photos at night

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The Cougar

By Brian Logan   Wed 30-Dec-2009

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