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Five Around the Web #5

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Blonde wigs safer than helmets for cyclists

Drivers pass closer when overtaking cyclists wearing helmets than when overtaking bare-headed cyclists, increasing the risk of a collision, a British researcher has found.

Across the board, drivers passed an average of 8.5 cm closer when he was wearing the helmet than when he was riding without a helmet.

By leaving the cyclist less room, drivers reduce the safety margin that cyclists need to deal with obstacles in the road, such as drain covers and potholes, as well as the margin for error in their own judgements."

To test another theory, Walker donned a long-haired wig to see whether there was any difference in passing distance when drivers thought they were overtaking what appeared to be a female cyclist. Whilst wearing the wig, drivers gave him an average of 14 cm more space when passing.

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Morning Coffee Guys

Morning Coffee Guys

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For fucks sake California, they weren't going to make it compulsory by Henry Maddocks on twitter about the passing of California Proposition 8 (2008).

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5 Ways Doctor Who Made a Difference

  1. The Theme Song
  2. Dalekmania
  3. Such language!
  4. Violence and Gore for Boys and Girls
  5. Changing the Genre

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Corrida de Screensavers

By Brian Logan   Sun 09-Nov-2008

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Comment from: Pua [Visitor]

For fucks sake California, they weren’t going to make it compulsary by Henry Maddocks on twitter about the passing of California Proposition 8 (2008).

Best line EVER!

Thu 13-Nov-2008 @ 04:47

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