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Five Around the Web #6

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How to Be Laid Back

Do one thing at a time. The world's greatest achievements were made by people who gave the task in front of them their undivided attention. Tackling multiple activities at once might feel efficient, but is it really productive?

Slow down. Why the rush? If what you're doing is important enough to warrant your time, you might as well enjoy it.

Stop being a perfectionist. High standards have their place [...] but when applied to other areas of your life (your appearance, your home's appearance, your hobbies, your handwriting, whatever) you're practically inviting anxiety into your life.

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Apparently I cannot drive a company car on two wheels, without a license, while stoned and drinking out of a vodka bottle. Who knew?? by Philippa Ballantine on twitter about company policies that come out stating the bleeding obvious.

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How To Instantly Feel Better When You Are Depressed

  1. Give Someone A Genuine, Massive Compliment
  2. Be Thankful For What You’ve Learned
  3. Read Some Quotes From The Greats

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Black Hole

By Brian Logan   Sat 29-Nov-2008

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