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Five Around the Web #7

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Bikes are fun; the road is hard

Bicycling is one of life's great joys. There's no other way to get so close to flying so simply and easily - a gentle push, and you're aloft. Alas, unless you're alone on the Minuteman Bike Trail with nary a stick in sight, every thrill comes with a touch of anxiety. Between squirrels and squad cars, tacks and train tracks, there's a lot to watch out for - and that's in summer, when the riding is easy. Come winter, just staying upright is a challenge in itself.

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The Engineer Paradox

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Twitter eliminates the need for IRL small talk: "How've you been?" You know from Twitter, so you can immediately talk about fun stuff. by Robyn Gallagher on twitter.

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10 Ways Personal Branding Can Save You From Getting Fired

  1. Become an invaluable asset to your colleagues, professional network & clients
  2. Position yourself as the go-to-person for a specific skill
  3. Gain self-confidence and rise to the occasion
  4. Focus on social equity, not just monetary equity
  5. Build contact lists before you need them
  6. Go on a branding spree by advertising it everywhere
  7. Make your brand so visible that people can’t avoid seeing you
  8. Become so remarkable that complete strangers talk about you
  9. Be a content producer, not just a consumer
  10. Have an “endorsement mindset”

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Bleed the World

By Brian Logan   Sun 21-Dec-2008

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