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Five Around the Web #8

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Why I Can't Afford Cheap

I remember reading a story once about an octogenarian discussing her most prized possessions with a researcher. She shows the researcher an iron that’s been going for over 40 years and explains how she had to scrimp and save to buy the product and how it ended up out living even her husband. Quizzed on why she spent so much money on the iron she said "I’m too poor to buy cheap!"

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First Lesson

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I thought that being without him would make me unhappy. I was wrong. by aliceness on twitter.

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8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs

  1. Measure - the length of a line of type.
  2. Leading - the space between the lines of type in a body of copy that plays a big role in readability.
  3. Hanging quotes - keeps the left alignment intact and balanced therefore increasing readability.
  4. Vertical Rhythm - a baseline grid is the foundation for consistent typographic rhythm on a page.
  5. Widows & Orphans - create awkward rags, interrupt the reader’s eye and affect readability.
  6. Emphasis - without interrupting the reader is important.
  7. Scale - establishes a typographic hierarchy that improves readability and creates harmony and cohesiveness within the text.
  8. Clean Rags - have a soft unevenness, without any lines that are too long or too short.

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2 Truths + 1 Lie

By Brian Logan   Thu 30-Apr-2009

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