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Webstock 2010 - Extra notes

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Webstock has 3 places you can learn, in addition to the celebration that is The Onyas. Workshops - Monday - Wednesday Presentations - the 2-day conference Networking I didn't go to any workshops this year. In hindsight there were a few I could have… more »
By Brian Logan   Wed 24-Feb-2010


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Parking authorities at the Lower Hutt Council were initially unable to see this hidden digger when informed about it. It disappeared today, perhaps someone stole it. more »
By Brian Logan   Sun 02-Nov-2008 Leave a comment »

Code Warrior

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A code warrior is always ready. I saw this after work today. more »
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By Brian Logan   Fri 24-Oct-2008

August Sunrise

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The grounds was icy this morning, as I took this on my way to catch the train. more »
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By Flickr   Mon 11-Aug-2008 1 comment »

Webstock '08 Review - Part 3

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Information that's hard to find is information that's hardly found. People search differently, according to Peter Morville when he talked on Ambient Findability and the Future of Search. Needs and prior knowledge differ. Websites are often badly… more »
By Brian Logan   Tue 19-Feb-2008