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Gay Geek Dinner

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The first Gay Geek Dinner was held last night. I had an enjoyable time and got to meet new people. After a few late cancels and several no-shows we ended up with eight people in the end, which worked well for chatting together. Two Shows Daily

We met up at Mighty Mighty, with it's great ambience. Something I hadn't thought about was how strangers could meet each other in what eventually was a busy bar, but we managed. (Maybe that's what happened to the no-shows?)

The Google t-shirts, discounts cards for Moo, and Armageddon swag was well received.

When time came for dinner, i.e. a few people asked when were we eating, we moved on to Southern Cross. Food geeks would love the way steaks are served, on a sizzling hot stone.
Steak, Southern Cross style

One has to slice the steak up into small pieces to cook.
Steak, Southern Cross style

As we finished eating the live music that started playing wasn't to our tastes so wandered back to Mighty Mighty for an after dinner drink, losing three diners in the process.

The evening finished with hot chocolate at Ernesto, being waved at by friendly cops stopped at a red light.

All-in-all an enjoyable evening for the first Gay Geek Dinner, meeting people with similar interests.

By Brian Logan   Sat 19-Apr-2008

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