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Getting on in years

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After 3 years of managing Jack's diabetes he has unhealthy blood sugar levels, 6x the normal level, and the level didn't drop during most of the day. The vet kept Jack in to run a couple more tests and they finally started dipping.

He weighs the lightest the vet has measured since his initial period of stabilisation. He's done well for a 17 year old cat; and he's still pretty perky, almost kitten-like with his playfulness at times.

Tags: cat, jack
By Brian Logan   Tue 10-Feb-2009


Comment from: Pua [Visitor]

How’s Jack doing? I hope all is well.

Fri 20-Feb-2009 @ 05:07
Comment from: [Member]

He seems to be doing well. His twice daily insulin injection is now 4 units, or 3, and he is still pretty active as he follows me from room to room.

Fri 20-Feb-2009 @ 07:20

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