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Late Innovations

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Movember 2008 progress

This has been an interesting few days.

On Thursday I was interrupted in a meeting. I was scheduled to be on a 2-day course but somehow I thought it was next week. It was a course I requested and wanted to go on. Somehow I had mixed up the dates and thought it was next week.

The course was Innovation and Requirements. I managed to get there an hour late and still got a lot out of it. The initial part covered some of the same things as a seminar promoting the course. I went to the seminar after work one day a few months ago. It was a good course.

At the course I met a former colleague, Wendy, with whom I worked with about 4-5 years ago. It was good to catch up and since we're both in the Wellington region we'll catch up.

On Wednesday I caught up with another ex-colleague. She's looking at leaving Wellington and New Zealand. I'm sad about this for myself but am happy for her.

My first letter-to-the-editor was published today. I haven't seen it yet as The Peatnic has the paper and found it. The letters appearing in the Saturday edition don't appear online so I can't link to it. It's a rant about a stupid suggestion that cyclists should bike approaching traffic like pedestrians. It wasn't long and has been abridged.

My Movember growth is going nicely. I just need a few more donations. I also need to have a suitable theme for the Best Mo in Character at Gala Parté at the end of the month. Suggestions welcome. So far I've had Mexican bandit and a member of Village People. I'll probably want help sorting out the costume too.

By Brian Logan   Sat 22-Nov-2008

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Comment from: Pua [Visitor]

Ohhhh..I like the Bandit idea. Arriba!

Looks great!

Sun 23-Nov-2008 @ 05:04

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