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Gay Geek Dinner in Wellington, April 2008

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Event: A Dinner for Gay Geeks (and partners and friends).

Date: Friday 18 April.
Time: re-dinner drinks from 6pm, Dinner around 7:30pm
Place: Pre-dinner drinks at Mighty Mighty, Cuba St. Dinner somewhere nearby. Suggestions welcome.

The date is the Friday before Armageddon. Any out-of-town gay pulp culture geeks here for the expo are most welcome.

Spread the word and please suggest locations for dinner.

RSVP: Contact me to let me know if you may be coming. Details also on Facebook and Upcoming.

Loot: Google Open Source and Moo have sent stuff for me to give out.

By Brian Logan   Mon 24-Mar-2008

Tax cuts

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Labour is promising tax cuts over the next few years. I wonder how I will see them?

  • As an increase in Working For Families?
  • As further bonuses to student loan repayments?
  • Increased funds into Kiwisaver?
  • A decrease in tax paid while on parental leave?
  • A drop in the lowest tax bracket, countered by raising the tax take from the "Rich pricks"?
  • An across the board "chewing gum" reduction in tax?
  • Spray paint to be GST exempt?

I won't hold my breath.

By Brian Logan   Thu 07-Feb-2008 Leave a comment »

Tag, you're out

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Not this, but this. Game over!

By Brian Logan   Mon 28-Jan-2008

The biggest threat

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No, it seems it's not Starbucks, they help. No, it's Zombies.

Now go back and read the article about Starbucks, which is completely unrelated to Zombies.

By Brian Logan   Sun 13-Jan-2008 Leave a comment »

Blurring the lines

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If ecstasy was legalised, then as a legal drug, it could have the quality regulated. Sure, some people would still buy it illegally, but many people would buy a known product, especially since most tests show it as safer than alcohol. As less people buy it illegally, dealers would be less likely to distribute it straight, and their buyers would always expect an enhanced version and would not be unaware of this.

At the same time party pills could have the quality regulated. As a bonus the price would likely drop and be closer to other parts of the world.

Line between party pills and illegal drugs blurred

Forensic tests have shown some party pills contain illicit drugs, police said today.

They also pointed to similarities in appearance, logos and names between party pills, which legally contain benzylpiperazine (BZP), and illegal ecstasy or MDMA.

Detective Superintendent Win van der Velde, Police National Crime Manager, said: "There is now scientific evidence that the line between illicit drugs and what are deemed as 'legal party pills' is becoming increasingly blurred.

"There have been recent cases where people have been known to take 'party pills' without having any idea of the origins of the pill or ingredients, and, as a consequence, have suffered severe illness."

A man died last week and two others received hospital treatment after allegedly taking "unknown pills" during a night out in Levin.

In another case, a Greymouth man is currently in Christchurch hospital on life support.

Keith Bedford, ESR forensic programme manager, added: "Tests conducted by ESR scientists have quite clearly shown that two of the more common 'ecstasy-type' pills being distributed in the party drug scene contain methamphetamine and MDMA plus other potentially harmful, illicit active ingredients.

"The tests have also revealed pills that contained BZP plus a variety of other ingredients including MDMA and other harmful illicit active ingredients".

Police warned there were heavy penalties for people caught and found guilty of distributing pills containing illegal substances.

Mr van der Velde also issued a warning about the potential health risks of taking pills when they cannot be sure of the substances they contain.

I also believe that marijuana should be legalised, not that I would count as a user of it.

By Brian Logan   Mon 19-Feb-2007