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Odd Contact for Stained Glass

Categories: Announcements

Today I received the following message via my feedback link.

Dear Sir/Madam
How are you doing today my name is Richard Brown i would like to know if you do sell stained glass if you do i would like order for this size below,

Stained Glass and Windows
with 2 sidelights 14" X 70 1/4 " Leaded Glass Window . 16" x 44". . 15 3/4' X 18" glass size, Stained Glass Transom Window

i would like you to email me with the price you have plus gst let me know the method of payment you do accept ,am ordered them without delivery hope to hear from you as soon as possible God bless you bye.

Sorry Richard, I've never sold glass, stained or otherwise.

The IP address is from Ghana, so the reference to GST seems odd.

By Brian Logan   Fri 19-Jun-2009

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