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T-shirts Galore

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I find myself looking for more t-shirt sites. It’s not that I have a shortage of t-shirts, I just like cool t-shirts.

Maybe I may have a problem.

Threadless is my main supplier. I’ve got the following from there:

Five of my t-shirts come from Oddica.

The first 3 came as part of a BoomBox Trilogy and included a lightweight bag.

Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory has some great geeky t-shirts. Sheldon's Shirts has collected all the best t-shirts worn by Sheldon and Leonard. The site links to many other sites selling the same, or similar, shirts to those worn by the characters.

I've ordered Saur Loser from Shirt.Woot!. At $US10+$US5 for internationsla shipping it's low risk. Nevermore and Snowman are others I'm keeping my eye on, to order after I've received the first. They'll be $US5 more each, due to the way Shirt.Woot! works but that's still cheap. The list of other old ones has more good shirts on it.

In researching this post I found many other interesting t-shirt sites. Some are:

Please Dress Me is a site showcasing other sites. It lead me to Coffee Break but, at the current exchange rate, $US19 plus shipping, is not comfortable for my budget, especially given the alternatives on offer.

Threadless does have others I like, that I'm yet to buy.

Maybe I don't have a problem at all.

T-shirt Coupons

Please Dress Me also has coupons for other sites, including Threadless ($3 off), Busted Tees (10% off), DeezTeez (15% off), Collar Free (30% off).


There's 3 other links I should have included.

Firstly there's the t-shirts I bought from ThinkGeek last month? I got Blue Sun and Inconceivable.

Then there is Despair Wear, by the makers of demotivational posters. I have The Ironic Tee, Your Blog, and Time for Action (not to be worn in corporate meetings).

I also forgot to mention MakeUseOf which put me on to shirt.woot!

[Update] I also forgot Just Tees, a kiwi company whose mailing list I subscribe to.

By Brian Logan   Sat 10-Jan-2009

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