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Tree-trimming weekend

Categories: Day to day

Christmas treeIt's been a while since I wrote. My 7th tree-trimming party went down well on Saturday. The tree is well decorated and I am most appreciative of that. The new treats I baked went down well. I haven't yet had the time to add the recipes to my recipe blog.

Sunday 15th The Petenic and I went to the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary with Miss Prim and A Girl Named Ivan. That's my third visit now. We took a picnic, having stopped off at La Bella Italia in Petone for supplies. Afternoon tea was with a school friend of A Girl Named Ivan.

It seemed the week leading up to that weekend was busy, as was the weekend after. I'm glad I'm taking a few days off work over Christmas.

By Brian Logan   Thu 18-Dec-2008

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Comment from: Pua [Visitor]

The tree looks full and lovely (much like myself!) HA!
Ahhh, I would LOVE to have a couple days off during this hectic time. But alas, it is not to be.

Have a lovely break!

Fri 19-Dec-2008 @ 08:19

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