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Tribal Leadership

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I've just finished another audiobook, Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organizationamazon.com/e/ir?t=shadowfoot-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0061251305" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> and I'm about to buy it. The audiobook version is inspiring.

The book has an accessible framework for evaluating corporate cultures, each with instantly recognizable traits:

Stage 1: Life sucks.

Stage 2: My life sucks.

Stage 3: I'm great (and you're not).

Stage 4: We're great (and they're not).

Stage 5: Life is great.

Most companies are either stage 2 or 3. This book guides you in way to break through to the next stage.

There's a TED Talk about these tribes. I'd had the audiobook waiting on my ipod but was busy listening to other thing until I saw the TED video. It's all I've listened to in the past few days. At the end I discovered it was abridged and I want to find out what I've missed. The audiobook is available free courtesy of Zappos, a company renown for its culture.

As I write this there are 34 five-star reviews on Amazon, and no lesser reviews. Do yourself a favour and listen to the audiobook, and buy a copy for your boss.

By Brian Logan   Wed 03-Feb-2010

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