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Getting on in years

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After 3 years of managing Jack's diabetes he has unhealthy blood sugar levels, 6x the normal level, and the level didn't drop during most of the day. The vet kept Jack in to run a couple more tests and they finally started dipping.

He weighs the lightest the vet has measured since his initial period of stabilisation. He's done well for a 17 year old cat; and he's still pretty perky, almost kitten-like with his playfulness at times.

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By Brian Logan   Tue 10-Feb-2009 2 comments »


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JackIn the middle of the night I got woken to the sound of a cat fight. When I woke up this morning Jack was not on my bed. He didn't jump in the bathroom window when I had my shower either. I haven't seen him all morning. I went out to look for him and did find quite a lot of cat fur on my back lawn. Most of the fur was not Jack's.

I can't find him and now I'm worried. If he wasn't badly injured then he's be sitting near me, as he always does.

Update: I was overly worried. I found him, with, as far as I can tell, only a minor injury on his paw. He was hiding in the back of my car, normally a warm place when the sun shines on it, but a dark safe place in the middle of the night.

Update: He's really showing his age today and has not been active.

By Brian Logan   Sun 19-Mar-2006

Unhappy Jack

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Animated cat firing machine gunJack doesn't want any more injections.

From Little Bear.

By Brian Logan   Mon 05-Dec-2005

Unexpected Messages

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When I came in this evening I got an unexpected phone call from my Aunt. Five minutes earlier and I would have missed the call. I haven't talked to her in years, not since she complained that I hadn't rung her and I replied that I had returned every one of her calls. We had a good chat and I'll call her in a month or so.

My flatmate told me she's moving to Sydney soon, about the middle of next month. I've been expecting it, her boyfriend lives there. I'm now on the look out for a new flatmate.

The Road That Has No EndI got a message from an author today, via my contact page. Normally I would have assumed the message was spam but for the method used. She asked that, as an Amazon affiliate, could I add their book to my site. Checking out the book I see it's about cycling, a passion of my own, so in this instance I'm willing to plug it. I'd even like to read The Road That Has No End by Tim Travis. They are two years away from getting to New Zealand so hopefully I will have read it by the time they get here.

Since Saturday I've been meeting someone everyday. It's only been social so far but I'm hoping for more. He has a je ne sais quoi about him. At this stage I'm just taking each day as it comes and he is too. I haven't got a nickname for him yet. Soon though, soon.

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Catching up

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In the Little Smoke today, Hamilton. I got pinged by a hand-held speed camera on the way down. Just a day trip. I relaxed and let cruise control do the work on the way back.

I saw Kinsey on Saturday. It's good, worth seeing. It made reference to morality going in cycles. It also had a couple of very good quotes.

"I suppose that like most women you wanted to have me killed."

I thought about it, but you know how I hate to be conventional"

I finally got around to taking my Christmas tree down. I need to borrow a saw and chop up three years of trees for burning on the brazier.

I've been watching Lord of the Rings Extended edition over the past week. I haven't watched any of it since seeing it on the big screen; it brought a tear to my eye on occasion. I wish I had a Samwise.

Hogan Flys Chile Sauce labelTwo parcels arrived this morning, the books I ordered a week ago, and my brother's Christmas pressies to me; Hawaiian shirt, another t-shirt, some chilli sauces, including Hogan Flys brand. Nice sauce, don't anyone expect me to offer some up.

I know Hogan, he's a lovely dog. I've stayed at his house when in La Jolla.

By Brian Logan   Tue 11-Jan-2005