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Five Around the Web #10

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Common Networking Mistakes

Do Your Homework

Don't arrive at a networking event without a plan of attack.

First, find out which person or organization is sponsoring the event. Next, see if there will be speakers, presenters or any special guests in attendance. Last, make a list of people you expect to be there and want to meet.

Do a little research on each of them. A little knowledge goes a long way. If you know something about the people you approach, it's much easier to start a conversation -- and keep it going.

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"If you feel tempted to use a picture of two hands shaking in front of a globe, put the pencil down, step away from the desk, and think about taking a vacation or investigating aromatherapy." -- Nancy Duarte

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Five Ways to Boost Your Work Performance - Outside the Office

[...] chances are, you want to do well in your job. [...] You’re doing all the right things during the workday. But, are there actions you could be taking outside work in order to boost your performance?

  1. Take a Public Speaking Course
  2. Attend Meetings of a Professional Organization
  3. Spend Time Improving Your Skills
  4. Spend Time Improving Your Skills
  5. Take a Look at Your Appearance

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This folding plug is such a cool design.

By Brian Logan   Tue 07-Jul-2009 Leave a comment »

Five Around the Web #9

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The Daily Grind: A Matter of Momentum

If you want to understand personal productivity, you’ve got to understand the concept of momentum. For all the organizing systems in the world and early rising skills in your time zone, you’ll only ever get so much done without bringing momentum into play.

Some people say the purpose of productivity is to give yourself more free time to spend relaxing, not working. I disagree. The purpose of productivity is to give yourself more time, whatever you choose to do with it. You should definitely have downtime regularly, but one thing momentum allows you to do is work faster and faster with each completed task throughout the day. In this case, we’re talking about being productive so that you’re even more productive in the hours following.

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IE6 Wanted Dead

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Twitter was more fun when I could bitch about a company without them replying to ask how they can provide me with excellent service today by Derek Powazek (Fraying) on twitter.

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How NOT to lead geeks

  1. Downplay training
  2. Give no recognition
  3. Plan too much overtime
  4. Use management-speak
  5. Try to be smarter than the geeks
  6. Act inconsistently
  7. Ignore the geeks
  8. Make decisions without consulting them
  9. Don’t give them tools
  10. Forget that geeks are creative workers

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Hardcore Tetris Orgy (may not be suitable for work)

By Brian Logan   Mon 29-Jun-2009


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Web Ink Now has a recent post on wanting attention, and the way we ask for attention.

  • You can buy my attention through advertising;
  • You can beg for my attention through Public Relations;
  • You can bug me for my attention through the methods of salesmen;
  • You can earn my attention through content marketing and permission marketing.

Once you have my attention you need to get my trust to retain my attention. You can do so by:

  • Being interesting;
  • Being helpful;
  • Being genuine, which includes honesty;
  • Being entertaining, and realising that what entertains others may not entertain me;
  • Responding to my interest.

My attention and my time is valuable to me. If I trust you, I'll spend it on you. If you abuse my trust you'll lose my currency. It's easy to do, Vodafone recently did that. My currency may not seem much, but word of mouth spreads.

Tags: attention, trust
By Brian Logan   Wed 27-May-2009

Five Around the Web #8

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Why I Can't Afford Cheap

I remember reading a story once about an octogenarian discussing her most prized possessions with a researcher. She shows the researcher an iron that’s been going for over 40 years and explains how she had to scrimp and save to buy the product and how it ended up out living even her husband. Quizzed on why she spent so much money on the iron she said "I’m too poor to buy cheap!"

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First Lesson

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I thought that being without him would make me unhappy. I was wrong. by aliceness on twitter.

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8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs

  1. Measure - the length of a line of type.
  2. Leading - the space between the lines of type in a body of copy that plays a big role in readability.
  3. Hanging quotes - keeps the left alignment intact and balanced therefore increasing readability.
  4. Vertical Rhythm - a baseline grid is the foundation for consistent typographic rhythm on a page.
  5. Widows & Orphans - create awkward rags, interrupt the reader’s eye and affect readability.
  6. Emphasis - without interrupting the reader is important.
  7. Scale - establishes a typographic hierarchy that improves readability and creates harmony and cohesiveness within the text.
  8. Clean Rags - have a soft unevenness, without any lines that are too long or too short.

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2 Truths + 1 Lie

By Brian Logan   Thu 30-Apr-2009

More T-shirt deals

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I received an email from Shirts on Sale thanking me for mentioning them in my recent post about t-shirts. They also mentioned having the largest collection of expiration-free t-shirt coupons in the world.

They also linked to a luxury Aussie t-shirt site with $AUD20 shipping to NZ. A bit pricey for me, so I'm glad I'm not into the designs.

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By Brian Logan   Mon 12-Jan-2009