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7 Things You Have to Do to Write Unforgettable Articles

Write to Done has an excellent checklist to improve your writing.

  1. Think about your ideal reader, and write only for them.
  2. Address a deep need.
  3. Use a headline that pops.
  4. Start with a strong opening that keeps your readers attention.
  5. End with a goal for your readers.
  6. Write from the heart.
  7. Edit and simplify your writing.
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By Brian Logan   Thu 21-Jun-2012

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

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  1. Curation
  2. Group Brainstorming
  3. Ask Your Readers

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By Brian Logan   Wed 22-Feb-2012


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Web Ink Now has a recent post on wanting attention, and the way we ask for attention.

  • You can buy my attention through advertising;
  • You can beg for my attention through Public Relations;
  • You can bug me for my attention through the methods of salesmen;
  • You can earn my attention through content marketing and permission marketing.

Once you have my attention you need to get my trust to retain my attention. You can do so by:

  • Being interesting;
  • Being helpful;
  • Being genuine, which includes honesty;
  • Being entertaining, and realising that what entertains others may not entertain me;
  • Responding to my interest.

My attention and my time is valuable to me. If I trust you, I'll spend it on you. If you abuse my trust you'll lose my currency. It's easy to do, Vodafone recently did that. My currency may not seem much, but word of mouth spreads.

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By Brian Logan   Wed 27-May-2009

Twitter - In Plain English

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Wellington bloggers meetup

image on flickrWith Epic beer.

Sorry it's out of focus, I was using my phone.

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