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Yay! Pua's back

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After a long absence from her blog, Pua is back. I met her when I visited in June 2005.

By Brian Logan   Sat 09-Feb-2008

Flickr woes

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I'm trying to post to my blog from Flickr but it's failing, even though the test post works. Grr!

By Brian Logan   Sat 26-Jan-2008 Leave a comment »

Lolcats do Shadow Footprints

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It seems the LOLcats like my site. Check out what they have done.

By Brian Logan   Sun 04-Nov-2007 Leave a comment »

Make your own designer t-shirt

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By Brian Logan   Wed 10-Oct-2007 Leave a comment »


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As you can see, I've been upgrading my site. Expect more changes as I customise things.

By Brian Logan   Sun 07-Oct-2007 Leave a comment »