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Webstock '08 Review - Part 1

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Design for the future. Today's design is tomorrow's legacy system.

I'm feeling buzzed from this week's webstock conference. In addition to being a business analyst I'm very interested in design and usability.

I started the conference with Scott Berkun's The myths of innovation: How to lead breakthrough projects workshop on Tuesday. It was a suitable workshop for me. I recently bought his book, The Myths of Innovation, but haven't yet started it. (Another book in the Amazon shipment is taking my attention.) Whilst I'm not managing the project I'm on, I do have responsibilities beyond that of a BA. This workshop is one I got a lot out of and will be using elements of it in the future.

Wednesday morning was Luke Wroblewski's Best Practices of Form Design workshop. It was illuminating, reinforcing some basic principles I knew, and adding to them. I made a lot of notes and am still to finish reviewing them. I can now use what I learned to make sure what I client really wants is represented by meaningful requirements.

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By Brian Logan   Sun 17-Feb-2008

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