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Webstock 2010 - Extra notes

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Webstock has 3 places you can learn, in addition to the celebration that is The Onyas.

  1. Workshops - Monday - Wednesday
  2. Presentations - the 2-day conference
  3. Networking

I didn't go to any workshops this year. In hindsight there were a few I could have benefited from, though as a business analyst I don't see myself as the typical Webstock attendee.

The 2-day conference has been covered in earlier posts, day 1 and day 2. Some of the presentations allowed time for questions form the audience; this added to their value.

Networking is an optional extra of Webstock. The ability to meet people with a like mind. There were a few unofficial fringe events to help this, the games and the tweetups, in addition to the breaks and the official end-of-day events.

Thursday had cocktails in the West Wing of the town hall. Friday had cocktails in the Renouf Foyer prior to The ONYAs. Both were places I got to meet people.

When it was discovered there was no official Webstock Trading card game this year, a couple of groups sprung into action to create games.

These games encouraged participants to talk to other attendees; including those not playing. I had a reasonable go at Webstock Bingo, but felt there was too much in The Webstock Game to be successful in.

The Case of the Midnight Note was a 3-week long noir mystery culminating with a fund-raising tweetup evening on Jan 28. I went along to the Midnight Note tweetup; I wanted to see how it ended. Dame lied, guns applied, Betty died, Sammy cried, drinks arrived, what a ride!

The tweetup on Wednesday 17 started the networking for me. The games started that evening too. I saw some people I hadn't seen for a year, or since the Open Govt Data barcamp.

Thursday, after cocktails in the West Wing was another tweetup. Originally organised for Southern Cross it moved to Mighty Mighty when Kevin Rose, not knowing about the plans, stated his intention to go there. In between cocktails and Mighty Mighty, I had dinner with 6 others, including a couple of presenters.

I handed out lots of business cards and Moo cards.


I took a few photos; nothing exceptional, but they can be found here on my Flickr page.

Other, better, photos can be found on Flickr tagged "Webstock".


In summary I'd like to thank the sponsors for supporting Webstock; my boss, for letting me go; the presenters, for coming to this part of the global village and sharing their experience, and Mike and Tash, for organising such a great event. One of the speakers (I can't remember who) said that Webstock is a highly regarded worldwide for web conferences. I'm glad it's local and I hope to be back next year.

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By Brian Logan   Wed 24-Feb-2010

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