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Why Introverts Should Consider Travelling Alone

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Being an introvert is no reason for not travelling by yourself. Indeed it can make the experience even better. Shyness, of course, is a different story, and one I'm not covering here.

Travelling alone gives you room to breathe and time to enjoy the luxury of being yourself.

An introvert needs time by himself or herself to recharge, and even being with your partner can be too disruptive for this recharging to happen. Travelling by yourself allows you the freedom to recharge when you need to. I can get this sitting at a able is a not-too-busy cafe, where the staff are too busy to see to me after they have served me. For others, their room at the hotel is where they need to spend the time to recharge.

Travelling by yourself does require you to think about how you get this time. Some travel options make this too chancy, and may not allow you sufficient time for your needs. Planned travel excursions, such a tour bus, may work, but it depends on the tour guide or other passengers not taking pity on you for travelling by yourself. Day trips are usually not a problem, knowing you have your room to go back to at the end of the day, but multi-day trips can be too much. Independent travel works better, but does require more work up front, researching your accommodation and sites.

Some Advantages of Solo Travel

A few other advantages of travelling by yourself are:

  • See the things that interest you, and skip the others. You can spend the time checking out something unusual you've discovered, even though you hadn't planned for it.
  • Meet new people, at the times you are ready for them.
  • No regrets that your chosen activity is wasting your travel companion's day.
  • Get up, and go to bed on your schedule. You never have to wait for someone.
  • Can take as long as you like for photography, or simply admiring a view or museum
  • Can change your schedule easily, based on your needs and interests

Travelling by yourself doesn't have to be lonely; you still have the opportunity to meet new people. This, of course, is easier in places where you speak the local language. Taking a cooking class in the local cuisine is one option. Walking tours and sightseeing boat rides are other, easy, options.

Accommodation Choices

I like Airbnb for accommodation, and an entire place does work well (especially when travelling with partner). Staying in a private room hasn't provided me with the necessary space, but is a lot cheaper than a hotel room. A guest house worked well in the past, providing me with interaction with other guests over breakfast, but otherwise leaving me to my own devices. Motels are another option, but usually located in places where having a car is important. Some hostels offer a single room, but you can expect to have to fend off extroverts in the common areas, especially those travelling by themselves. One advantage of hotels is you can order room service if you are simply not up to going out and seeking food.

Staying Connected

Today's technology lets you connect with your existing network, whether it's by email, skype, twitter, or facebook. Plan ahead to see if there will be enough wifi locations, or whether you're better off buying a local prepaid SIM card for your phone. Pay extra attention to prepaid plans that do not allow tethering, or will automatically charge your credit card at the end of 30 days.

Other Things to Consider

As a solo traveller you have no backup, and need to be aware of your surroundings all the time. Check out the many sites that talk about travelling safely solo.

Planning for solo travel is also very important, and there many sites already covering this.


By Brian Logan   Mon 23-Dec-2013

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